Terms of Use

Terms of Use

All rights reserved Shoptumble site , while eliminating any related responsibilities and obligations. Shoptumble site does not in any explicit or implicit way to provide reliable, safe , guaranteed or recommended service basis . In addition to those items explicitly rejected , we all rights reserved. On the content or nature of publications , and possible consequent damage , Shoptumble website does not assume any responsibility, and obligation, to limit to a minimum the law. Shoptumble site can not guarantee neither the site can operate without interference and under no errors . Shoptumble site can not give any guarantee for the accuracy of the information or use the results of this website to find on the site . Website provided by Shoptumble this site based on the " presence " and " available " basis . Shoptumble site does not provide any guarantee on the site as well as presented on this web site information, content , material or product works. The extent permitted by law , Shoptumble website reject any explicit or implicit guarantees , including but not limited to no clear way to ensure that a particular object marketability and suitability . For any damages resulting from the use of this site , Shoptumble site will not accept any liability , including but not limited to direct or indirect damage . Links to other sites , including banner ads, buttons, and text- link , responsibilities and obligations assumed by the scribe link owner. If these links are not based on the use of personal , normal and non-commercial purposes , Shoptumble website links to other websites can be blocked , and can even be prosecuted.

Acceptance of Terms
Any person who wishes to use the service must agree Shoptumble this site Terms of Use and End User License Agreement, including Shoptumble Privacy Policy (collectively, the "Agreement"), and all other terms and conditions of the policies and guidelines by reference included in this agreement. The agreement is a binding agreement between you and Shoptumble .

Requirements for the use of the shop
Over the age of 13 before the use of the personal store. If you are aged 13 years or older but under 18 years of age, you should contact your parent or guardian to review the agreement to ensure that you understand the agreement with your parent or guardian.

External links
Shoptumble website for all external links pointing to the site or the site leads to are DISCLAIMED. Shoptumble site is not responsible for links to external sites accessed through this site behavior, visitors own risk.

Amendments to this Agreement
Shoptumble can change any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, including the privacy policies and service standards of other policy and management at any time in its sole discretion. Significant changes, notice of this Agreement will be posted only take effect in Shoptumble website or the Service. You agree that anything you continue to use the services of the following changes to the agreement, after the changes take effect constitutes your acceptance of such changes. If you do not agree to future changes to the Agreement, do not continue to use the service

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